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A single point of truth for all your risk intelligence

riskDNA is the world’s first enteprise risk management software to be built around the advanced C2RI methodology. It centralises all of an organisation’s risk data into a single point of truth and provides a holistic view of all organisational risk. It can manage any business risk – safety, environmental, security, community, reputation, hazards and incidents, operational, even financial and strategic. In particular, it enables organisations to easily collect, consolidate, aggregate and correlate risk intelligence across the enterprise so they can better prioritise resources and address those issues that will return the best risk improvement. riskDNA software and the C2RI methodology utilise bow-tie risk analysis, quantified risk modelling and are compatible with ISO 31000. It is purpose-built for risk assessment workshops, user-driven, can be hosted on or off-premises, and easy to deploy, learn and use.


  • Follows control-centred risk intelligence [C2RI] methodology
  • User-defined risk & incident structure
  • Robust risk controls & categorization
  • Threats & consequences
  • Bow-tie analysis
  • HAZOP studies
  • Strategic risk assessments
  • Quantified risk modelling
  • Enterprise-wide risk aggregation & correlation
  • Set-up standardized controls & actions for consistency & compliance
  • ISO 31000 ready
  • Standard and customized reports
  • User-based roles & permissions
  • Offline mode for remote sites
  • Easy to deploy, learn & use

To learn more visit the riskDNA product site at www.riskDNAsoftware.com.

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