About Relegen 

Relegen has focused on the supply of people- and technology-based solutions to the Australian Defence Force for 12+ years. Our deep expertise is also leveraged by clients operating in asset intensive sectors such as mining, government and utilities. Our extensive network of professionals, technicians, engineers, and personnel with security clearances, enables us to deliver the right skills at the right time, giving our clients the flexibility to meet their project workforce needs without the risk of increasing fixed costs.

People, specialist skills, extensive networks

Relegen has a proven ability to respond quickly to the specific needs of clients. We can provide people, with security clearances if required, for short or long term contracts to fulfill skill gaps and surge requirements, support smaller projects or entire site operations. Our senior management has defence force backgrounds and we have relationships that allow us to network deep within defence and industry. We also maintain strong business-to-business relationships with blue-chip organisations and the world’s largest defence contractors – ensuring clients have access to the right expertise, at the right time, for their requirements.

Accredited DMOSS Panel Major Service Provider

As 1 of only 10 accredited Major Service Providers on the DMOSS Panel, Relegen has a keen understanding of defence project requirements. Relegen is also in the unique position of bringing to the table high-quality engineering services as well as its proprietary asset intelligence technology, assetDNA. This combination of people- and technology-based solutions enables us to address the needs of some of the most challenging problems facing the asset-intensive Defence sector today and into the future.

ISO 9001 certified

Relegen has a stringent business management and quality system in place to ensure that our clients receive products and services of the highest calibre. Our work practices meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and we adhere to other official standards specified by our clients. We focus on business outcomes when it comes to managing quality and recognise performance is the cornerstone of a successful and sustainable business.Reputation for engineering excellence

Reputation for engineering excellence

Relegen has built a reputation for delivering professional services and innovative solutions to some of the toughest engineering challenges across defence, mining and more. Relegen has been recognised by Rio Tinto's 'Top Ten Supplier Recognition Program' for two consecutive years in 2008 & 2009. Our people are capable of understanding individual client requirements and developing innovative solutions to meet those needs

Leaders in enterprise intelligence

Relegen has something more to offer clients than other contract workforce providers – we bring together high quality professional, technical and engineering services and enterprise intelligence technology solutions, honed over many years of experience working with the Australian Defence Force. Click here to learn more about Relegen's enterprise intelligence tool suite which includes the assetDNA & riskDNA product brands.

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