Market sectors 

Relegen’s people- and technology-based solutions are in high demand across a number of key market sectors, and, we continue to build a strong reputation for innovation and excellence with every role we undertake. This is because we have something more to offer these customers. We bring together high quality people with engineering know-how and asset intelligence technology expertise. With our deep experience, expertise and understanding of your needs, we have the transferable skills and knowledge to support your organisations business and project needs.


Relegen is a long-standing partner to the Australian Defence Force and we are 1 of only 10 Major Service Providers on the DMOSS Panel. We supply people and technology to all three services: the Army, Air Force, and we have a particularly strong relationship with the Navy. Relegen’s senior management has defence force backgrounds, and together with our extensive engineering network, we have a proven ability to respond quickly to the needs of Defence.

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Relegen’s wide range of professional services, asset intelligence technology expertise, and clear understanding of the demands of publicly accountable bodies makes us a trusted partner in the public services – services that require them to be on top of problems before they happen, and to operate seamlessly 24/7. Relegen’s work for the Australian Defence Force also means we are familiar with the specific requirements of government procurement policies and stakeholder support.

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Relegen has gained a reputation for engineering excellence across the mining sector for meeting client expectations as well as quality and reliability. Our proven track record for delivering contingent workforce solutions and technology support for safety and mission-critical systems and above all, delivering what we promise have led to strong relationships with top tier companies, resulting in significant repeat business.

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Relegen understands the challenges that the utilities sector faces today – a combination of deregulation, new competition, increased public demand, changing regulatory environments, rapidly moving technology and shortages in key skills. In such industries where reliability, performance standards and safety are vital, Relegen’s people- and technology-based services are here to support your business needs.

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