Relegen has a proven track record of delivering people and technology solutions to government clients to help them improve their services to the public and meet the mandates and regulations they face.  Our knowledge of Defence and experience in commercial organisations means we are familiar with the specific requirements of government processes and policy objectives as well as adept at managing multiple stakeholders.

A trusted partner in the public sector

Relegen’s clear understanding of the demands of publicly accountable bodies makes us a trusted partner in the public sector. We understand the requirements and guidelines of working for Government agencies and are represented on a number of government purchasing panels, including the New South Wales Department of Planning and the CSIRO. We are renowned for our ability to partner with government entities [be it local governments, state or federal government bodies] and deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions that take account of Government processes and policy objectives.

Security & protection for critical assets

Relegen has a proven record of helping public sector clients implement solutions to manage critical items and satisfy complex security requirements. Law enforcement agencies trust Relegen to help them manage and protect their critical assets. Our asset intelligence technology solution can be applied to any government asset – big, small, tangible, intangible, mobile, mission-critical, people, plant and equipment, even leaseholds and more..

Case study: The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

Relegen’s asset intelligence solution – assetDNA™ – has been deployed at the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. The solution has been adopted as their Armoury Inventory Management System to help them achieve real-time weapons tracking. The new system also enables Customs and Border Protection to better protect the safety of their officers, improve security around the issuance and receipt of armoury and improve staff productivity.

Security features ensure assets are issued and received by officers with appropriate training and authority, and data-driven audit trails provide accurate records of who received what and when. Lifecycle management capabilities track individual assets as they move through defined business processes and flag items that are due for inspection, maintenance and replacement.

Administration staff also spend less time completing audits and compiling reports, enabling the Central Office to swiftly make critical decisions based on the latest information at hand.

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We have a proven track record of delivering quality projects to Government clients including local councils, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Services and local and federal law enforcement agencies. For more information about our work for government, please visit our projects page >>

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