Enterprise intelligence tool suite

Better decisions, data you can trust

Relegen is the developer of a suite of enterprise intelligence tools – cutting-edge technology originally developed for the Australian Defence Force and which is now in use across a wide-range of industry sectors including mining, manufacturing, law enforcement, utilities and more.

Our driving mission behind the development of this technology has been about giving organisations the tools to extract greater value from their investment in business information systems and an easy way to create a single point of truth.

Why? Today many organisations suffer from data dust – siloed data sitting in multiple information systems, duplicated, incomplete and out of date, exposing organisations to significant risk in terms of productivity, safety and cost.

Relegen’s enterprise intelligence technology products are designed to complement existing systems but also powerful enough to work on their own. Their development is driven by practitioners and field specialists. They are Windows-based and built on the latest .NET technology. They are user-customisable. They can be implemented as a fully-hosted or on-premises solution or a hybrid of the two, and are easy-to-deploy, learn and use. 

Relegen’s enterprise intelligence tool suite – transforming data into actionable intelligence and supporting better business decisions.

Explore our products:

assetDNA | Enterprise asset intelligence technology

Fully-integrated Software. Tags. Mobile apps and more. Learn more >>

riskDNA | Enterprise risk intelligence software

One place for all your risk intelligence, enterprise-wide. Learn more >>

Can I deploy both assetDNA & riskDNA?

Of course! Just contact Relegen on +61 (0)2 9998 9000 or sales@relegen.com today!