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Who we are

Relegen is an all-Australian company specialising in the development and delivery of asset management solutions for all industry sectors.

We provide consulting, technical assistance and innovative solutions to ensure you get not just the most out of your assets, but your whole business.

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What we do

Relegen unites people and technology in the delivery of enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions, a critical driver of performance that gives any-sized enterprise an advantage in dynamic and highly competitive markets.

And we provide the most advanced EAM product available: the baseLINE Framework. This is an asset management solution flexible enough for any business that wants to maximise its assets and provide a better product or service.

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Why use us

Relegen has been working at a mission-critical level for a decade with the Australian Defence Department and now has more than 100 clients, both government and corporate.

We have a highly experienced base of employees and access to a range of contractors in specialist fields. We have built up a reputation among the business elite for technological innovation, excellence in service delivery and reliability.

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